Freestyle Digital Celebrates ‘Dependent’s Day’

By Erik Pedersen / August 24th 2016

"An October 18 VOD launch is planned. Directed by Michael David Lynch, the relationship comedy follows Cam (Joe Burke), an unemployed actor who is claimed as a dependent by his successful girlfriend Alice" -Deadline

Review: Romantic dramedy celebrates codependency in 'Dependent's Day'

By Katie Walsh / October 6th 2016

'The best part of “Dependent’s Day” is the rapid-fire, easy-breezy banter between Burke and Robledo — their connection is palpable, and feels comfortable and lived in. Burke extends that quick rapport to the rest of the cast as well. The loosely plotted story moves forward almost effortlessly." - LA TIMES

TCFF Days 8 and 9: Fresh air and natural light are for chumps (Dependent's Day Review)

By Jared Huizenga / October 28th 2016

'"crazy funny... spectacular and hilarious." - Sun Current

TCFF: The Top-10 of 2016

By Jared Huizenga / November 1st 2016

'"I couldn’t make a “Best Of” list without including a comedy, and this one was my favorite of the bunch...Director/writer/cameo actor Michael David Lynch created an original and genuinely funny film. The laughs are plentiful, the story fun and the characters likable – for me, there’s little more I can ask for from a comedy. Sure, it’s crude and a bit immature at times, but it quickly moves away from those moments with intelligent jokes and excellent lead performances." - Sun Current

Dependent's Day - Independent Film Review

By Kevin Kincaid / November 14th 2016

'The acting in Dependent’s Day top notch. Joe Burke’s portrayal of Cam is both darkly funny and cringe worthy with how realistic he makes the character seem...I find it promising that director Lynch took the cookie cutter mold of Rom-Coms and broke it open to show something while not unique but uncommon enough to make even me interested in the film." - Film Fervor

Review: 'Dependent's Day'

By Nic LaRue / October 8th 2016

'The movie doesn’t suffer from the typical romantic comedy trope of the average guy getting the girl in the traditional sense.  You can really see how Cam’s sense of humor and appearance would be attractive to Alice.  Their differences compliment each other rather than detract.  The interaction with the other characters is natural and the dialogue rings true.  The arguments between Cam and Alice are hilariously on the nose to how real couples argue." - Film Snobbery

Watch: Relationship Troubles Meet Financial Woes in Hilarious 'Dependent's Day' Clip

By Jake Spencer / March 2nd 2016

"From new writer/director Michael Lynch comes "Dependent's Day," a witty rom-com reminiscent of early Judd Apatow films like "Superbad" and "Knocked Up." - Indiewire

'Dependent's Day'

by Christopher J Garcia / March 7th 2016

"... Dependent's Day is a wonderful film. Really well-made, dark, funny, smartly-paced, and full of nuance and impact. It's the kind of film you want everyone to see." - Klaus At Gun Point

Cinequest 2016: ‘Dependent’s Day’

by Derek McCaw / March 12th 2016

"... This is a rewarding comedy, populated by people you might know. Though the temptation might have been great, Lynch always keeps the comedy from becoming unbelievable, and never loses sight of the humanity of his cast. This really is one of those feel-good comedies that earns the term." - Fanboy Planet

Review: Dependent’s Day

by Josue Sanchez / April 7th 2016

"I would like to tell you about a movie that lassoed my head — and heart — and charmed me for its entire duration. I laughed hysterically, and even cried in bewilderment. It’s called “Dependent’s Day.” Yes, it is a romantic comedy, and yes, it is raunchy at times. Yet, this movie totally enthralled me, and I realized it was because it was different, it was real, and it had heart." - It's Just Movies

You can depend on 'Dependent’s Day' for humorous and heartfelt entertainment

by Debbie Lynn Elias / March 6th 2016

"... laugh-out-loud hilarity rooted in authentic characters and the inherent humor that comes with real life situations in today’s world. That film is “Dependent’s Day”." - Examiner

Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 11

by Jason Wiener / March 12th 2016

"... This movie jumps from belly-laughs to cringe-worthy moments to heartfelt emotion while always being real and sympathetic to its fucked-up characters. There's a way to make this same movie very cynically, heaping abuse on Cam and laughing at him. But writer/director/producer Michael David Lynch has a clear love for his characters that makes you root for them, no matter how small their victories are." - Jason Watches Movies

Cinequest 2016: Encores and Last Chances

by Ric Bretschneider / March 12th 2016

"… OK, my wife doesn’t typically watch modern goofball comedy romances where the main male character is painfully flawed but somehow still in a relationship with a solid, focused woman. So I was somewhat floored when she said “I’d watch that one again.”...

If you’re looking for something that will literally make you laugh (and groan) out loud, this is the film you’re looking for." - Ric Bretschneider

Dependent's Day Movie Review

by Phillip Wilcox / March 28th 2016

"When I started watching the film in fact, I did feel like I was watching a Judd Apatow comedy, only more quicker, more compacted and less lengthy. However that's what I loved about the tone, because I am a big fan of Judd Apatow's movies!.... In all honesty, I had not heard ofMichael David Lynch before tonight, but just as I was happy to be introduced to the likes of Joe Burke and Benita Robledo by way of this movie, I am tremendously happy to have discovered Michael and have gotten the chance to see this picture - I am officially a fan of him and his work, and I very much look forward to seeing more of this talented man's films in the future! In the meantime, my suggestion is to keep your eyes peeled for this movie when you get a chance to see it!" - Dark Comedy Productions

Dependent's Day (2016)

by Filipe Freitas / May 5th 2016

"The ending, just like the beginning, simply rose to the occasion. This outgoing story sparked agreeable vibes with sufficient honesty to set me in a great mood. An auspicious directorial debut for Mr. Lynch, who dives in the independent circuit with nerve." -Always Good Movies

Review: Dependent’s Day (2016)

by Wesley Lovell / April 11th 2016

“Dependent’s Day is the kind of comfort film audiences enjoy watching”

“This is the kind of film independent studios should be making”

“... it never feels false and it is never disrespectful to its audience.”

“Burke infuses Cam with a palpable charm, a careworn comedic touch that entrances the audience”

- Cinema Sight

Dependent's Day: Hill Country Film Festival Review:

by Matt Ward / May 8th 2016

"The film opens with one of the most original premises in independent comedy in quite some time.

"As the center-point for the entire film, Burke is lovingly complex as Cam."

"The power within her performance isn’t so much what Robledo does verbally with the character, but in her facial expressions, which often perfectly match the expressions women in the audience give while watching Alice on screen."

- Cinematic Considerations


by Debbie Lynn Elias / October 3rd 2016

"Listen now as the incomparable actress/comedienne LISA ANN WALTER, actor JOE BURKE and writer/director MICHAEL DAVID LYNCH regale us with tales of their heartwarming and hilarious DEPENDENT’S DAY (opening in limited release on October 7th at Laemmle NoHo in North Hollywood, California; VOD, digital and more on October 18th) and yes. . . we talk about Lisa’s shoes in the film." - Movie Shark Deblore

Dependent’s Day: Hollywood Reacts as Audiences Crave More Female Lead Roles

by Raychel Harvey-Jones / November 23rd 2016

"“Dependent’s Day” shows the relationship between Joe Burke who plays Cam, the struggling actor who is claimed as a ‘Dependent’ by his bread-winning and successful girlfriend Benita Robledo who plays Alice. This hilarious comedy combines the real relationships people face, the imperfections of a partner and the realization that it can work with a little compromise." - Musicwire

2016 TCFF Red Carpet Interview: Michael Lynch, Dependents Day

by Rachel Webber / November 23rd 2016

Rachel Interviews Writer/Director Michael David Lynch about Dependent's Day on the red carpet for the Twin Cities Film Festival on Oct 23rd. - TwinCitiesFilmFest

Meet Hollywood filmmaker and Ann Arbor native Michael David Lynch

by Logan T. Hansen / January 13th, 2017

"I thought there could be a fun twist, a fun way of telling the story, where we can see the breadwinner being the female and the guy kind of struggling, doing different jobs that are traditionally seen as female jobs, like being a babysitter and a secretary,"  Lynch said. Burke said working on the film's set with Lynch was a collaborative effort. "Mike created an environment on set that allowed us to feel like we were truly living in the moment... he let us remain loose and grounded in making everything feel real and honest."" Burke said. - Ann Arbor News

95 - 7 The Rock Station Joe Burke Dependents Day

by Spence 95-7 / November 11th, 2016

Joe Burke lead actor of Dependent's Day gets interviewed for 95-7.

Special Arts Report: Interview with Michael David Lynch and Joe Burke from ‘Dependent’s Day’, Cinequest 2016 Award-Winning Film

by Ruth Copland / May 13th 2016

Dependent’s Day had its world premiere at the Cinequest 2016 Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Comedy. Ruth Copland interviewed the writer/ director of the film, Michael David Lynch, and the leading actor, Joe Burke, after the world premiere on her radio show. Dependent’s Day is a comedy about measuring up.

“Puking on Tucci” (w/Lisa Ann Walter of Dependent's Day) - “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Bleed For This” & “The Edge of Seventeen"

by The Movie Guys / November 17th 2016

Ep. 177: The Movie Guys are joined by actress, comedian and hilarious story machine Lisa Ann Walter to preview new films Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Bleed For This and The Edge of Seventeen. Lisa talks up her new movie Dependent's Day, tells stories of playing the Apollo and turns on Bart with the tale of the time she worked with Tom Cruise.

'Dependent' film screens at Cinequest

by Anne Gelhauss / March 11th 2016

In an email interview director Michael Lynch, who also wrote the screenplay, talked about using humor to make Cam more sympathetic, and about how the movie reflects contemporary relationships.

'Dependent's Day': Actress Lisa Ann Walter discusses hilarious new comedy

by James Woods / March 14th 2016

"So to get a script where all of the female characters were in a job where they had a real voice was very exciting!" - Lisa Ann Walter

'Dependent's Day': Joe Burke and Benita Robledo discuss new coming of age comedy

by James Woods / March 2nd 2016

"It was perfect timing for actors Joe Burke and Benita Robledo and writer/director Michael David Lynch to come together. That’s because their new film, “Dependent’s Day” is a heart felt, laugh-out loud comedy filled with relatable characters and comedic panache".

The "IN" Show had the pleasure of interviewing Michael as he was preparing for the World Premiere of DEPENDENT'S DAY to be held at Cinequest Film Festival.

by Gus Summers / March 4th 2016

"... cleverly deals with some weighty topics (equality, gender, role reversal) as they relate to the enigma of chasing one's dream. Thankfully, for the movie-going crowd, Michael brings it all together in a most touching and memorable way." - The In Show


by Christopher J Garcia / March 6th 2016

 We interview director Michael David Lynch and lead actor Joe Burke on their exceptionally amazing film ​Dependent's Day!


by Debbie Lynn Elias / March 7th 2016

"... Then writer/director/producer/editor/DP Michael David Lynch is live and fresh off the Cinequest world premiere of his narrative feature directorial debut, DEPENDENT’S DAY. A fabulously fun and funny film, DEPENDENT’S DAY was made out of Michael’s passion..." - Movie Shark Deblore


by Gus Summers / March 3rd 2016

Columbia College Chicago CA+S Alumnus Michael Lynch’s directorial debut “DEPENDENT’S DAY” to premiere at Cinequest on March 5th


by Kristin Moran / March 4th 2016

Michael Lynch’s directorial debut “DEPENDENT’S DAY” world premiered at Cinequest on March 5th. Actor Lisa Ann Walter and Director Lynch give an interview on the red carpet.


by Phillip Willcox / March 30th 2016

Michael Lynch writer/director of “DEPENDENT’S DAY” talks with Dark Comedy Productions about how he made the film.

‘Dependent’s Day’ a millennial’s mid-life crisis

by Rebecca Pirayou / March 10th 2016

“Dependent’s Day” is a breath of fresh air to the romantic comedy genre and almost every millennial’s nightmare.

The film flips gender stereotypes where men are inferior to women, often jobless or having an extremely low income whereas women make more money and ultimately have the most control. - Spartan Daily

Cinequest TV: Dependent's Day

by Connie Jo Sechrist / March 1st 2016

Actor Lisa Ann Walter and Writer/Director Michael David Lynch are interviewed on the red carpet by Connie Jo Sechrist at Cinequest before the World Premiere.