Joe Burke


Joe Burke is a filmmaker and actor who received his MFA from the world-renowned American Film Institute in 2009. He earned his BA degree in Film and a minor in Theater from Columbia College Chicago. Burke has acted in several national commercials, including Bud Light, Dodge Dart, and Cox Communications. He has appeared on the critically acclaimed Showtime show Ray Donovan, and the popular Disney show Dog With A Blog. Recently Joe is starring in the Screen Junkies new show Interns of F.I.E.L.D. a parody on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., here he plays a nerdy intern forced to clean up after the super heroes. Known for playing a witty, quirky character, Joe embodies Dependent’s Day’s protagonist Cam, and his eternal struggle to claim his manhood. 

Benita Robledo


Benita Robledo is an incredibly talented actress known for her work in some of Hollywood’s hottest shows and films. With recurring roles in Fox’s “Gossip Girl”, Marvel’s “Agent Carter” on ABC, and MTV’s “Teenwolf” as well as roles in Blockbusters “What Happens in Vegas” and “Going the Distance”, she has acted along some of the industry’s biggest names. Benita is the main star in the Screen Junkies new show Interns of F.I.E.L.D. a parody on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where she's the new intern just getting her feet wet. She's super excited to be in a feature film playing the role of Alice in  Dependent’s Day, playing a woman who wears the pants in her relationship. On April 29th Benita Won Best Actress at the Hill Country Film Festival for her role as Alice in Dependent's Day. This is her first ever best actress win.

Todd Bridges


Actor Todd Bridges has seen and done it all, navigating a rapidly changing business for over 40 years. If there was a popular tv show or film that premiered in the 70’s, chances are Todd Bridges was a part of it.  All in the Family(1971) Sanford and Son (1972) The Young and the Restless (1973) Little House on the Prairie (1974) Good Times (1974) The Love Boat (1977) Roots (1977) Diff'rent Strokes (1978) and The Facts of Life (1979). A list of shows that defined a generation. After overcoming addiction and committing himself to a life of sobriety, Bridges recaptured his magic and again left his mark on the business. Projects such as: Friday (1995), and The Replacements (2000) among many others, allowed him to create an entire new audience. In Dependent’s Day, Bridges adds a new chapter to his legacy with his role as a gay father.

Shannon Lucio


After graduating from USC School of Theatre, Shannon built up her credits with big name shows such as ER(1994), NYPD Blue (1993) and CSI: Miami (2002). In 2003 her big break occurred when she landed a role on the FOX hit series, The O.C. (2003), followed by ABC one hour drama pilot A House Divided (2006). On the big screen, Shannon shot the lead in the feature Graduation (2007), and also wrapped on the Lakeshore Entertainment feature Feast of Love (2007), directed by Robert Benton and starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear and Radha Mitchell. Her other film credits include lead roles in Starkweather (2004) and Say Goodnight (2008).

Lisa Ann Walter


After five years of standup comedy, Lisa Ann Walter was cast to star in her own Fox Network comedy series, My Wildest Dreams, followed by an ABC sitcom, Life's Work, which she both created and starred in. Walter also co-starred in the Bravo series Breaking News and in the NBC sitcom Emeril. In addition to Bruce Almighty (2003) and Shall We Dance (2004), Walter co-starred in the Disney film The Parent Trap (1998); in the remake of the original classic, she appeared as the nanny to Dennis Quaid's character's daughter, who was played by a young Lindsay Lohan. Prior to that, she played Whoopi Goldberg's tarty sidekick Claudine in Eddie (1996). In the Spring of 2008, she was in the comedy film Drillbit Tayloralso seen on TV Shows such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm,”  and “Nip/Tuck,”.

Josh Staman


Joshua Staman graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2007, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion in film. An artist who wears several different hats, Josh excels both behind and in front of the camera. In addition to writing and directing several of his own projects, his on-screen contribution cannot be ignored. Josh’s dry humor and biting wit is seen throughout his on-screen performances, and it is this charming charisma that adds life to upcoming feature Dependent’s Day.

Erin Pineda

(KATHRYN the director)

Erin graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied at The Meisner Studio, Experimental Theatre Wing, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.   As a frequent performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, she was an original cast member of the long-running show Worst Laid Plans (featuring Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo, and more) and creator and co-star of Skinny and Attractive. Recent credits include ABC's Happy Endings, IFC's Comedy Bang Bang, Comedy Central's NTSF:SD:SUV, HBO'S Brody Stevens: Enjoy it! and she's hilariously funny in Dependent's Day as Kathryn a strong female director of the film within the film.

Brian George


Known for roles in iconic shows such as: “Seinfeld,” “The Pink Panther,” and “Horrible Bosses,” Brian George is a face you know have seen everywhere. The youngest of four siblings, Brian was born in Jerusalem to Jewish parents in July 1952. Both of his parents had immigrated to Israel from India. When Brian was a year old, the family immigrated to London. Brian attended an all-boys school in London. In 1966, the family moved to Toronto and he attended public high school, followed by the University of Toronto, where he became involved in theater. George left before graduation and formed an unsuccessful theater group. He joined The Second City, where he trained with comedy greats including John Candy, among others. His career in acting and voice-over work has flourished ever since.

Eugene Byrd


Eugene Byrd is an accomplished American actor who has been working in movies since he was a child. At the age 11, he appeared in the 1986 film “My Little Girl”, and has worked consistently ever since. Some of his most know roles include: “8 Mile,” “Dead Man,” “Sleepers,” “Law and Order” and many many more. Eugene brings a depth of experience to Dependent’s Day that cannot be replaced.

Charlie Hofheimer


Charlie Hofheimer is an American actor who has performed in some of the industry’s biggest films and television shows. With credits in Black Hawk Down, Mad Men, and The Good Wife, Charlie has left already left his mark on the business at the tender age of 33. With his brightest years still ahead, Hofheimer turns in a heartwarming performance in Dependent’s Day that is both humorous and thoughtful, further proving his talent and versatility in the world of cinema.

Bertila Damas


Bertila Damas began acting like most others, passionately or  misguidedly in her youth. She was born in Cuba and grew up in NY and Maimi. She has since then moved to LA and has acted in over 100 TV shows from GRIMM to Star Trek. You may also recognize her from "Nothing But Trouble" staring Demi Moore and Chevy Chase, one of her early breakout roles in a celebrated cult classic. Damas has received critical acclaim for her roles in film, television & in the theater; most notably as "Rachel" in the film "Mi Vida Loca".

Jules Willcox


Ella Simone Tabu


Javier Ronceros


Javier was born in Lima, Peru in a suburb called Mira Flores. He left Peru when he was age 3 and settled in Chicago, Illinois. When he was age 5, the folks decided to move to California were it would be warm in the winters. The family settled in Los Angeles. Javier's parents were both movie buffs and instilled the love of movies and Hollywood celebrities. Her desire was for Javier to grow up one day and be an actor. He had a long career in teaching tennis in South Carolina, Hawaii, Connecticut, and California. He ran a martial arts studio for a number of years. He began his acting career in Connecticut when he was approached by a filmmaker who asked him to be in his low budget action film. From that day forward, he feel in love with show business and has never looked back.

Ashley Dyke


Ashley moved to Los Angeles to further her career in film and television and hasn't looked back since. She continues to work in theater landing lead roles at theaters including, Second City, Acme Theater, and La Mirada Theater For the Performing Arts. Building a solid career in Hollywood in both comedy and drama. Ashley most recently guest starred on Robin Williams show on CBS "The Crazy Ones", the series finale of Stephen Merchant's HBO show "Hello Ladies", CBS's season finale of "CSI:NY," NBC's "The Cape", and the CW's "90210." Ashley has successfully portrayed a wide range of characters, a young tormented slave in "12 Years A Slave", the wildly outrageous Gigi in "Bud'z House", a young girl struggling in a half-way house in the thriller "New Hope Manor"; on stage, as a young woman surviving a concentration camp in "I Never Saw Another Butterfly.", and as a young black woman living in the segregated 1940"s Ohio, in the theater production of Toni Morrison's, "The Bluest Eye".

David August


David August is an award winning actor who graduated from Columbia College Chicago. He was just nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 48hfp in Los Angeles as part of the film that won Best Acting Ensemble and received 8 other nominations. He recently won an award for 127 Seconds (which he stars in, wrote and produced) at a festival in NYC adding to awards and commendations from festivals around the world. He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC and on the show "Ghost Town" David plays Wally Winchell, the local TV reporter who steals leads from the ghost tracking kids. He has appeared on both the History Channel and A&E. On stage he has worked with Second City, Chicago Shakespeare and many others. He performed in his scripts Bring the Funny and Corporate Dialects, produced at YouTube Space LA, and David co-wrote the short horror/thriller script Room 313, which was purchased and is in post production at Try Film Productions.

Kevin Oestenstad


Zackary Alexander Rice


Jason Lew